Magic: By Christian B.

Once in a magical forest lived a beautiful unicorn with wings. One day an evil wizard took her and was planning to use her magic to conquer the world and use the magic to rule the magic creatures. Later that night the unicorn tried to escape the metal bars because the next morning the wizard was going to drain her magic and rule the world. Just then she heard a strange noise. Then out of the corner of her eye she saw gleaming eyes staring right at her, the eyes got bigger and bigger and bigger.
They jumped out of the bush, but they were her friends Bob the talking beaver and Friendly the elf. Just then the wizard came. The next morning came and the three of them found themselves over a boiling pot of lava in the hidden swamp because last night while they were sleeping he drained their magic and put it in a staph. All the magical creatures needed to do was get to that staph and break it. They all worked together to do this. The unicorn used her horn on her head to unlock the lock and she flew up and broke the staph and the unicorn got the other creatures and they were free.
The End

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  1. nice story

  2. I loved the story and you taught me how important it is to work together as a team! Keep writing!!

  3. You have a great imagination for this story nice story

  4. That is a great story!!!!!!

    Brian M.

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