The Pink Dress: By Lydia

One time there was 3 girls named Britney, Jamie and Cynthia. They went to the mall. Then they went into Macy’s. They were walking around in the clothing area. Then Britney screamed with excitement. She said O my gosh!!! look said Britney. Jamie and Cynthia said what happened? I just saw a beautiful pink dress Britney said. So she looked at the ticket that said how much money it was. Britney was so excited until it said $100. So she said where am I supposed to get that much money. Cynthia was the smart one maybe she could think of something. We could get a job Cynthia said. Great idea said Britney and Jamie but how are we going to get the job? Well we can show what we can do best said Cynthia. You now what Cynthia that is a great idea said Jamie. Yeah I know said Cynthia. Well when do we start? How about tomorrow said Jamie. Okay said Britney. Okie dokie said Cynthia. So the next day they all met each other at the mall. Britney said what store are going to work at? How about …….Kohls said Jamie okay said Britney and Cynthia. So then they went into Kohls to talk to the boss her name wa Mrs. Kay. She said you are all hired you start today. You get $10 and hour. When they were done working Britney put all her money together. She couldn’t believe it Britney had $100. So Britney went back to Macy’s. She got the pink dress. She was very happy because her friends Jamie and Cynthia helped her. She was very thankful. The end.

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  1. Wow! Maybe the girls will work to buy me a pink dress. Love your writing!!

  2. Lydia that was great! Ilove your writing.
    love, Marisa

  3. That is a great story!!!!

  4. dear Lydia I will do shoping with you for a pink dress.

  5. lydia it is just like me you and danielle

  6. i like your story
    the pink dress is cool!


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