The Two Hungry Horses; By Brooke

One night two horses were in their pen. One of the horses name was Linda she was brown. and the other horses name was Aubrey was a black horse. But that night they were hungry really hungry so they wanted to think of an idea so Linda found a idea and she jumped over the gate and found a bucket of apples. She jumped over the gate again pranced to Aubrey and she dumped the bucket and they shared the food all night they ate ate and ate.

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  1. These horses sound like good friends!

    I’m very proud of you.

    Mr. Enos

  2. What a wonderful story about love and sharing. I’m really impressed with your imagination and creativity.

    Keep up the great work.

    I’m so very proud you and all of your hard work.


  3. I could really picture the horses in my mind. I hope you will keep going with your great stories!

  4. you did a really wonderful job.i love the horses names linda and should keep writing horse stories you are really goood at wruting them.

  5. Brooke, that was great. I love your story. You are a great writer.

  6. Great job!!

  7. brooke
    your poem is great


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