All About Monkeys and Chimps: By Robbie

Monkeys have long arms. Monkeys share lots of food. Monkeys eat lots of honey. A chimp’s feet are like an extra pair of hands. A chimp’s arms are longer than its legs. Chimps are very noisy but not noisy like new monkeys. Chimps walk on their knuckles. Chimps eat flowers and nuts and insects. Chimps live in the zoo and in the jungle. Chimps swing on vines very high. Baby monkeys climb on their mom’s back. Baby monkeys only climb on their mom’s back not on their dad’s. The moms tickle the babies when they want to play. Monkeys love to hang on trees.

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  1. you must’ve put a lot of research into this one

    from tyler in mrverbecks class

  2. Robbie,
    you did such a great job
    i thought it was fantastic.


  3. Good story!!! I never knew that monkeys eat honey.


  4. I miss studing with you Robbie

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