Birds Flying in the Sky: By Lydia

A bird is a kind of animal that can fly and can sing and lays eggs like most animals. But most animals can’t fly or sing only birds. Birds live in nests on trees. They live in birdhouses we make for them. And they sometimes live in trees. Birds eat worms and sunflower seeds and they sometimes eat the food we give them. The dangerous birds are owls, eagles, and hawks. They are superb hunters. Owls hunt at night and Eagles hunt at day. Birds can lay a lot of eggs white eggs, brown eggs, pockadot eggs, and more. While the father is out getting food the mother takes care of the babies. Birds can glide. When they want to fly they jump. Birds can sing songs in the daytime. They sing in the spring and summer. Birds have nice colorful feathers. They have barbs in their feathers too. And a shaft. The largest bird is a hawk. A hawk is a bird of prey. Hawks can hunt for rabbits and puppies.

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  1. you did so great

  2. I reely like your story,


  3. one time I saw a bird fly to there nest to lay.eggs

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