Exploring the Rain Forest: By Christian B.

On the bottom of the rain forest you can hardly see because the trees are so close together. There are so many trees you would get lost. There are so many animals vicious and friendly. People live in the rain forest. Animal homes are being destroyed. People are cutting down the trees to make stores. There are a lot of trees and plants in the rain forest. The rain forest is found in the hottest parts of the world near the equator. Animals eat fruit meat insects and other animals. There are about 100 types of trees in the rain forest. The largest jungle in the world is in South America. The longest river in South America it is called the Amazon River. Tapiers and capybaras are the largest animals that live near the water. Capybaras are the largest rodent they weigh 100 lbs. Pygmy marmosets are the smallest monkeys in the world. Elephants and rhinoceroses are about the largest animals on earth they are found in the jungles of Asia. People live in the rain forest for over thousands of years the pygmy people are the smallest.The people that live there use feathers flowers and other stuff to make jewelry. Harpy eagles wait on a branch for a red howler monkey to eat.

There is a plant in the rain forest called a bromeliad. The roots are in the air there is a little hole in the middle filled with water. Frogs bring their baby tree frog tadpoles salamanders come to lay their eggs.

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  1. Great job!!!!

  2. Great story!!!

  3. christian Iam inspierd by your work

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