Hockey Players: By Christian S.

Hockey is a sport on ice. Your guards help keep you safe. Hockey is the only sport on ice. Skates make you go so you can play. Rules are stuff like penalties. A slap shot is a fast shot. A face off is when the referee drops the puck in the middle of the two teams. A hat trick is when a person gets three goals in a game. Some people play hockey on the street. Hockey became a professional sport. A penalty is when a person gets 5 minutes off the game. There are ten people on a team.

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  1. christian I never now what a slapshot was but now I do

  2. Christian, that was great. Now I know more about hockey. From, Marisa

  3. Christian that was a Great Non-fiction story.I had no idea what a hat trick was but know Im glad I do.


  4. I think you are a great hockey player

  5. Hockey Is a good sport AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
    Graet Book.

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