Kittens, Cats and Wild Cats: By Cailyn

A cat is a mammal with fur and four legs. Cats live in houses or out side. Kittens live with their mother until they don’t need there mamma anymore. Wild cats live in the wild with all the other wild animals. A lot of cats like mice some don’t. Some like insects and birds. House cats like cat food.

There’s all different kinds of cats. There’s tiger, lion, cheetah, jaguar, cougar, lynx, bob cat, snow leopard, leopard, Bengal tiger, jordan, bird catching cat, mountain lion, Sumatran, regular cats and kittens.

Cheetahs can hide in tall grass from their spots on them. a cheetahs tail is striped white and black. It always ends with white. A cheetah has different patterns of spots then all the others.

A male lion has hair around its head and at the end of its tail.

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  1. You have such awonderful story I love Kittens

  2. It is amazing that you get to share your work with the whole world!
    I really wish I could go back to school and do what you are all doing!

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