Living with a Dog: By Rachel

Dogs are mammals. They have four legs. They can be wild or a pet. There are different kinds of dogs. Nine is old for a dog. You can find one in a woods or in your house. Dogs live by you giving them water and food. They need something to keep warm. They live by you treating them well. Dogs eat food and bones. They can’t eat people food or they will get fat. As soon as your dog is done eating he would want some more. If you give too much dog food to your dog he will get fat. If your dog eats chocolate he will get sick too much chocolate they will die. What kind of dogs there are sheep dogs and boxers bulldog. There are beagles and Labrador retrievers.

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  1. hi Rachel i read what you worte and I really like how you described dogs and what they do

  2. Dear Rachael,
    I am impressed with your research. You have covered some important points regarding dogs. Did your research come about because you have a dog? Or, now that you have done the research, do you want a dog? Do you remember Annie, our miniature Dachound? She will be 16 years old this fall. So, you see she is way past the average age you read about in your research..
    Uncle Ira and I miss you. Maybe we can get together soon.
    Aunt Carole

  3. PS… Sorry, I mispelled your name!!! XXOO AC

  4. Rachael,
    You wrote a wonderful story about dogs. I was very interested and I also learned a lot. We have a dog named Jazzy. I will be sure to keep him away from chocolate. Your writing is so good that I think you will become a famous writer of books some day. I hope you will send me a book that you write along with your signiture in it someday.
    Uncle Marshall

  5. I loved how you descibed dogs and what they do.
    I think and know you did a great job!
    I loved it!
    Well done!!!

  6. Dear Rachel,

    What a great story you wrote about dogs! We were so impressed we read it at the dinner table last night! We will make sure our dog Jazzy never eats chocolate!
    We love and miss you!


    Your Aunt Marla in Tokyo, Japan

  7. Great job Rachel!!! I liked how you described all the kinds of dogs in it.I have 4 dogs one dog is a Yorkshire terrier his name is Eddie.Nice story!!!


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