Rabbit Fun: By Ashleigh

A rabbit is a mammal. It has big teeth and big ears. They eat fruits and vegetables and give them plenty of fresh water to drink and grass. Rabbits live in wild and maybe in your house. When you or your friends crowd around your pet rabbit it gets scared. Rabbits have been around for thousands of years. Rabbits are a part of a group called lagomorphs. They live in a herd. Rabbits do not live in Madagascar or Antarctica. United States has the most wild rabbits. Cottontails you can find all over the country. Baby rabbits are called kits. Kits are born with no fur or hair. Mother rabbits give milk to their babies.

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  1. Good job Ashleigh

  2. Ashleigh, that was an excellent piece of writing. I liked how you included so many facts. Keep writing!

  3. That’s a great story

    from your friend,

  4. I realy liked your rabbit fun book i love rabbits from christianb

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