Cats at Home: By Sarah

Cats are small and big. They are fun to play with. They are cute and cuddly to sleep with. Cats eat fish and tuna fish and birds. They live in people’s houses. Cats can live until 20 years or more. They have nine live. Cats are silly and great. They are crazy and sweet. I love how they purr it sounds like music to my ears. They are pretty and cheerful too. I love cats so much. They are smart and grateful. They are so nice and friendly. Cats have tails. Tails keep their balance. They climb trees when dogs chase them. Cats keep warm with a comfy bed. They run so fast I can’t see them. Cats have paws. Did you know that their claws can go in and out of their paws. They have legs and eyes. Cats have bodies and paws. They have whiskers their whiskers help them not get stuck.

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  1. It’s a great idea to have the kids write stories for all to view via the internet. I am Sarah’s aunt & live in Washington, so I do not get to see Sarah often. This is such a treat being able to view her work online! I love it & have the kids do more online!!


    Colleen V.

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