Living with Cats: By Marisa

Sometimes cats eat tuna fish flies bugs and mice. Cats live in people’s houses. They like to sleep in their own bed. Cats usually live up to twenty years. Cats hate water and dogs. They have great eyesight. They also make great pets. Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world. They have spongy pads on their paws that help them climb trees. Cats can fit into almost any space. A mother cat has a big responsibility looking after her kittens. A cats favorite food is meat. Cats use their tails to keep their balance. There are 37 different breeds of cats in the USA. cats are sleepy heads. They sleep at least 16 hours a day. Cats like to drink water. They have an excellent sense of smell. Cats can hear very well.

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  1. Amazing story Marisa

  2. Great Job Once again Marisa!!!!
    Keep up the Good work. We Love you very much.
    Love, Mommy and Daddy and Jessie

  3. I Like your story so much it is good Marisa.

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