Discovering Animal Bodies: By Luke

This is the inside of an animal. A ferocious bear can wreck a car you have seen bears before but you have not seen a bear under the fur. You can describe a bird on the out side but can you describe one on the inside? A snake is a long animal but what is under the scales read to find out. Fact: Snakes have chain like bones. There are a lot of different kinds of frogs. Fact:Frogs do not have ribs. Whales are big on the inside and out. Whales have 3 bones that hold the back end down. Bats are small mammals. Bats have long fingers.

Note to reader: Luke’s non-fiction book is a flap and lift book. It would be impossible to get the true sense of it from scanning it onto the website.

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  1. I like your story about the animals.

  2. Dear luke I realy liked your book

  3. good job with the book

  4. your book is very interesting from christianb

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